Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I MOVED! I finally got settled into my new place and its awesome but it does have some downsides.
First off I moved all of this ...

I know a lot of stuff right? It was a tad embarrassing I even got rid of a lot...

It was actually somewhat depressing to leave my dorm room, it reminded me of all the memories I have had this past year, and it was my first place on my own. But it was small and I was able to move into my new place with one of my best friends Arianne. So far we have loved it a lot... our ward right now is teeninsy and we only have about 35 people total in the whole ward. Hopefully in the fall we will have a lot more people. 
So random, but one of the girls in the ward ... besides me... is named Kara and she is from Texas and grew up in the same area as I did... weird.
But our ward seems really nice and great but Kasey was not happy that this guy I'll refer to as rose guy, is in my ward. Just in a nut shell, I met rose guy once and he left me a rose and a cheesy poem refering to my favorite flower, on the professor's lecture table with my name in big letters on the chalk board.

Note that about 300 people are in that class and I showed up 10 minutes late so it was oober embarrassing. Funny thing is, that everyone thought it was Kasey so he got all the credit.... I wish. Kasey wouldn't do that though. 

So I guess rose dude is one downside, another downside is that our dishwasher is broken, and the maintenance guy came today and said it was not fixable so we need a new dishwasher. So cool we get a dishwasher but our management is bad so that pretty much means we will not get a new dishwasher let alone have one for probably a month. Washing dishes by hand is just tedious but I will live.
Another downer and downside is that we are on the first floor next to the parking lot so you hear people and their conversations, and I am sure they can hear ours. Not going to lie but I do not want everyone and their dog to hear every word that comes out of my mouth... its none of their beeswax!
But our apartment is pretty big and my first thought was bluh regarding our couches, and that is mainly because nothing decorative wise goes with them. But they have grown on me and are not that bad. What can I say, I am a girly girl after all and love to make things cute :)
But for now I have my own room and there is plenty of space in our apartment. Here are some pics, disregard the mess.

Arianne's computer is permanently in our living room for now, especially because of the one ethernet port.

That is Justin Bieber at the end of our hallway, still makes me laugh, I frequently remind Kasey of his love for Justin Bieber.

Our kitchen is pretty big for a student apartment and I feel like I am always in there cooking stuff.

My room, and yes I have two beds.

So whether or not I like it, I am stuck here until next April.
None the less, I have had a blast so far and words cannot describe my excitement to actually cook my own food! I now have a new appreciation for a kitchen. My first night I made Kara Korn Kasserole, and it is delicious, if you want the recipe I will send it to you. But I made so much of it and everyone who tried it really liked it so there were no leftovers. 

We also had visitors, Jill, and my cousin Rachel, come over. When Jill first came over, I made us enchiladas and Shelley made the salad.

It was delicious and I believe everyone licked their plate clean. 
for fast sunday, I made sweet and sour chicken over rice. It was so good, and the secret my dad taught me, was to mix a bit of Teriyaki sauce with Yoshida's sweet and sour sauce. I will definitely make those dishes again. 
Shelley and I decided to venture a bit one day as well, and on our venture we came across this store.

The picture is blurry but I have never seen anything like it. First of all you just walked in and if you wanted something you just leave money on the table and take it... weird right?
It was painted all colorfully too.

Anyways, Kasey and I got the pass of all passes to Trafalga and seven peaks, and to celebrate we asked Garyn and Jill to go and play laser tag with us. They are so much fun and I really like to hang with them. So in between laser tag sessions, we decided to do something else, and the quickest thing was the bumper boats. It took me about 5 seconds to realize I was not having fun so I got out as fast as I could because I did not wish to get anymore wet. My hair was so gross after! But Kasey stayed in for about another 5 minutes and that was long enough. These little bratty kids who had first only squirted me resorted to just squirting Kasey and his boat didn't even work. One kid kept chasing and squirting him saying, "hey you need a shower get your shower come on!" he also kept saying, "need some shampoo with that?" 

Kasey came out sopping wet as if he had first been given a swirly and second had wet his pants. I am sure the people inside had thought he had jumped into the bumper boat pool.... what a fool. 

But he definitely was a pitiful sight, and he did look like he peed his pants. Maybe I need to get him one of those old people diapers if he can't control himself? gross.

But it had been a fun week moving an having my cousin over. We went to the nickel arcade 2 nights in a row and after my cousin Rachel found that out, she understood why I did not wish to go again. We still had fun anyway and it was great fun.

By the way, has anyone ever heard of pushing daisies? I really like that show.


  1. Looks like fun! I definitely do not miss the old college apartments. But I would love to soak Kasey given the chance. I hope it didn't make his hair thin even more!

  2. Sounds like Rose guy is a little stalker-ish. :) I knew a few guys like that!

  3. I feel like I was not portrayed in a positive way at all in this post...