Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An act of kindness.

So Arianne and I desperately needed some groceries and part of the reason was well we needed to buy some more toilet paper. Yes I know too much information but as we stepped outside we noticed it was just slightly sprinkling outside. I was like heck yes... LOVE the rain. Well I did not think the whole process through. Anyways, we went and walked enough of a distance and we finally reached the south end market! It was really funny because as we were in line Ari turned to me and was like and I quote... "Kara, I think Walmart is cheaper and the prices here are more expensive." The cashier started to give his reasoning on how the prices were the same and if not they were cheaper... anyways come to find out he OWNS the place and she totally dissed him... funny.

But then as we were leaving we realized it was now POURING, or as my mom might say raining cats and dogs... and we had like 10 bags each and they were heavy might I add! So the dilemma was figuring out how to carry the 10 bags and an umbrella and yada yada back to our apartment. I situated my stuff accordingly and I figured out how I was to carry my stuff... Ari on the other hand was struggling A LOT. So we would take 5 steps and stop, take another 5 steps and stop. This continued halfway to the first of many crosswalks and then this guy came running over to us. Oh my goodness was he an answer to my prayer. I was so glad he offered to help us carry our stuff because I did not want to have to hear about how heavy it was because I know how heavy it was. But he carried her stuff the entire way to our apartment. His name was Johnny he is turning his papers in  in July and he was from Arizona. Anyways just so grateful he was there to help us out and I am back dry from the rain.

By the way I got my passport today and its official... I am planning on visiting Canada for about 2 weeks in July!


  1. Me and my roommates would always run out of toilet paper and have to make special toilet paper buying trips haha :)