Saturday, May 28, 2011

late nights in Provo

Lizzie came over on Thursday and goodness have I missed her! She brought her friend Hannah along with her and Hannah is a very sweet girl! My brother called me and I was so happy because that was the first time that we had really talked since Christmas. He is only 16 after all so I don't blame him for not really wanting to talk to his lame sister. But my little sister called me too to tell me that she had gotten an owl pellet. It was so funny because she talked for an hour straight reading about it and stuff and it was so funny and so cute because she was so excited about it. She told me all about how she had a mole's skeleton inside and stuff... boy to I LOVE my sister and I miss her now 8 year old self.

But since Lizzie was in town, we decided to have some fun, so we went with Kathryn to the park and me made a fire so that we could make some smores!

I had not had a burnt marshmallow in forever and it was so much fun. All my friends thought I was crazy though because I like my a little burned and they are the golden brown people. But in my family, my grandaddy always burned his marshmallows so us grandkids did the same and we like them better that way.

Smores were good it was a lot of fun, and because Timmy did not like marshmallows, he toasted air heads. 
Then we played this animal sounds game and you had to guess who the person was by sitting in their lap   with your eyes closed. It was really funny because Kathryn and Arianne kept picking each other like ten times without even realizing it.

Love my friends. Love random nights. and I LOVE Kathryn Grebe, she is great!

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