Sunday, March 27, 2011


So this last week was crazy, we had a relief society meeting, I had scale game day ( that was gross), tons of homework due, and the festival of colors. The festival of colors was fun and we were a mess. This is what we ended up looking like...

It was a load of fun!
I have been blowing hot pink boogers ever since!
My eye is also stained a shade of pink as well as my scalp!
Kasey had some friends come in from Idaho, and they were very nice. They joined us for this fun occasion and I think they had a lot of fun too. It seemed as if every time that Lizzie and I tried to get a picture this happened...

The powder got into our eyes a few times and it hurt like having your eye wide open and pouring flour on it.... not a good feeling. 
It had a pleasant smell too actually, but after getting some of it in my mouth I did not like the smell because I did not like the taste.
There were tons of people there...

Which was the cause for us looking messy before we even got our own chalk to throw.

We looked cleanish beforehand...

But we turned into a mess. Our bathroom is all pink right now and quite the mess from all the girls cleaning up in it. Cannot wait till Monday when it is cleaned!
We also went up to the temple and decided not to go inside because of the policy of no shoes, we felt like keeping our shoes on, and so we looked inside of the windows.
It was interesting because people were dancing and doing this swaying thing all together to worship this statue... whatever the Hindu idol is. There was a purplish mud all over the floor and they actually had hosed down the floors and I think that they wanted to have purple mud... whatever floats your boat!
But that was fun, and later we watched Red Riding Hood, it was well a different movie. Not my favorite.
Then Kasey and I got some froyo afterward, and I was in heaven because they had the two best froyo flavors ever.... red velvet and cake batter!!!
I just noticed that I write about food every time I make a new post, I guess that it goes to prove that I like food. the end.
Lizzie's picture is my favorite (I know this is random... but I am a random girl)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This weekend has been pretty much crazy. This week has been crazy and it just started. I woke up today thinking that it was Thursday... only to realize it was Tuesday and I have not gotten Wednesday finished with yet. (though I wish I could just skip Wednesday... please?) But things that were great about this weekend...
1. I was very productive
2. Friends
3. packages and letters from home
4. quesadillas
5. gummi bears :)

So I was sick an tired of eating at the Cannon center, or the cancer center as I like to call it, so I had Kasey bring me to the grocery store so that I could get some ingredients to make and eat something besides cafeteria food. I decided I wanted ingredients to make quesadillas! So on Sunday Arianne, Lizzie and I had a party in the basement and made quesadillas... yummy! Then after we had the cheese and beef quesadillas we made cinnamon sugar tortillas for dessert it was delish!

Do not pay attention to our grubby looking selves, take into account that it was Sunday late at night and we did not care much for our appearances!
Sadly Kasey did not get to enjoy any of it because he was not feeling well.... he was not feeling well all weekend :(
On Saturday I watched the basketball game with Kasey and our friends Ari, Josh and Jeff. BYU won of course! Go cougars! I am so proud to be a BYU cougar. (I was going to write just cougar then I realized that people might take that as me being the old lady who likes little boys... eww)

I also got tons of mail this weekend including a second letter from my nana, a letter from my friend Kevin who is serving in Japan, and a care package from my mom with super cute and sweet things inside:

In my box I found life saver mints, ( my mom must be smelling my breath from TEXAS), haribo gummy  bears ( the best kind), a red shirt from forever 21, and a burn-out green shirt with a sparkly music note on it, oh and a cute pink zebra watch! I love cute little surprises like this one, it made me miss my mom and my family.

In my letters, my friend Kevin made fun of me for countless number of things, some are too embarrassing to mention, and how he was in a small area called nanzo which means seven tails and as he said one tail for every active member! It is really cool to see one of my childhood friends on a mission and already enjoying it, he is going to do great things! 
My nana wrote me a second letter and I think I laughed through the whole thing just because it was ridiculous yet cute! She told me the EXACT same thing the EXACT same way as her first letter, yet in a different order. Things she told me included her light blue chanel beadspread and it shedding blue fuzz everywhere, stealing her roommates cigarettes with her other roommate and having a bad experience, everyone who died that week in her retirement community, the oldest person she knew which was 104, and something about the weather. My nana is crazy but I love her and I still get scarred images of her dancing to Beyonce.
I also took many tests and did loads of homework, even though it is a pain, I can say that I feel privileged to have it! 
Did I already say that Kasey was awesome? well if not, he is and is officially my new favorite, he makes me smile. the end

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish.

So today was a green day. First reason it was a green day, is because I was all a go and busy.... yet none the less full of smiles and happiness! Not to add that it was Saint Patricks day and I remembered to wear my shirt with a leprechaun on it and the words, "IRISH I was a little bit taller". I had so many people laughing at my shirt today and it made me feel glad that I could put a smile on people's faces by wearing a shirt.... I mean whatever floats your boat people!!! But if you did not know, my favorite colors are pink (if you saw my room you would say this is a true testament!) and of course GREEN! So I loved seeing green everywhere it just made me happy inside! BUT...
Weird things that went on today included Green food... normally I would suspect my food to be poisoned but knowing it was probably just dye I took my chances and ate it, my inside will probably be green for a while though... gross. This is a glimpse of what breakfast looked like...

They even had green eggs and Ham as well as green omlets.

So lets not forget that it was also my friend Josh's birthday... he turned 22 and for all the single ladies out there he is single and ready to mingle! But Ari Lizzie and I decided to fulfill our birthday tradition, and make him some pazooki and share it with all of his roommates. 
Poor Josh, and Kasey were stuffed and had so many sweets already... 
So Kasey did not join us, oh well more Pazooki for us!
Can I just say that I love warm messes of sweetness with Ice cream?!
I probably will not enjoy Pazooki for a while especially because last night while cooking spaghetti in the basement Ari Lizzie and I had a guilty pleasure... it looked like this...

There was some chocolate ice cream from the dessert party our ward held a few days earlier and our friend Missy was kind enough to share her delightful brownies filled with chocolate and carmel. So me loving warm gooey sweetness with ice cream threw my brownie into the ice cream and started to chow down! How sanitary! I am so proud of myself though because I used to be the biggest germaphobe and now I do not care as much! But it was yummy :)

These gals are the best a girl could ask for!

We decided we would put on the carton of ice cream for jokes and giggles, " Do not eat this Ice cream, we double dipped and have mono". But we really do not have mono. ha

I felt bad that Kasey did not join us for Pazooki, but I felt even worse for him because of the crap he got when he went to Tucano's tonight...
(BTW Pazooki is cookie dough smashed into one big cookie cooked til the top is a light brown and the middle is a tad gooshy, and you put ice cream on it right after taking it out of the oven, and you eat it "like a wild boar" as my roomy Muzna would say)
But poor poor Kasey... he was hit on by a waiter, not a waitress but a waiter and more went along with that.... but I will not spoil his story for him and I will save his embarrassment he is going to die on the inside when he finds out this is on my blog. Too late I am sorry! 

Happy St. Patrick's day though!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The little things.

I do not understand what my deal was, but yesterday I was a grump. I think it was the first time I actually did not want to see people but lock myself up into my room and become a hermit. I did not have any significant excuse, I guess I have just been so stressed keeping up with 9 classes. (Not to mention I need a social life... or do I?) I can honestly also say that I was not successful at pulling my self from my own slumps. Looking back at yesterday, I am just plain embarrassed with myself! Coming back to this....

So Kasey called me and even to him it was obvious that I was not my peppy happy self. So he came over and even though I did not want to go anywhere, or even move my feet let alone drag them across the floor, we walked all the way to the Museum of Art on campus... or as I like to call it the MOA. We then went and viewed the Carl Bloch exhibit and it was beautiful. That is when I came to realization number one:
1. I am so privileged to have a Savior, Jesus Christ, that has made the greatest sacrifice for not only me but the WHOLE world. Then as I contemplated this realization number two came...
2. I am so lucky to have so many great opportunities, like seeing the Carl Bloch exhibit, or even having a Q&A with Sister Julie B. Beck. Being at BYU has opened so many doors for me and has given me the chance to meet some FANTASTIC friends might I add! Which went to thought process number 3:
3: I have the best friends ever. Everyday they are just so great to me. the end.
4: I have the best family ever. My mom texted me from Jamaica to tell me she loved me and that she had hoped I was having a great day, and my Dad called me and said that he got us tickets to General Conference when he comes to visit me in April, I am stoked!

Then Kasey took me for some yum-yum ice cream at sub-zero... I was craving a waffle-cone... I got black raspberry with cheesecake bits and Kasey got raspberry with cheesecake bits. If you have not ever been to sub-zero, its really cool because you choose your type of milk, your flavor and your mix-ins and they FREEZE the ice-cream right in front of you! It was good and it made me laugh... plus Kasey said a dumb joke involving pizza but it was kinda funny.


So then I came to another realization:
5. Kasey is pretty cool... plus he compliments me all the time, and who can ever get enough compliments?
Then I did some homework and this is when I got a total SLAP in the face. I was doing my readings for my religion class strengthening marriage and family, and the topic of the talks I was to read was pride.
I thought yea yea I have heard this shpeal a thousand times... but as I kept reading one talk in particular by Ezra Taft Benson from his conference report in 1989, I came across these words...
"Selfishness is one of the more common faces of pride. "How everything effects me" is the center of all that maters-- self-conceit, self-pity, worldly self-fulfillment, self-gratification, and self-seeking."

That's when I figured what my deal was, I was being selfish and I do not even know what my issue was but as I had my own pity party for losing my planner and just being a grump... I was being prideful. At that point I realized I really was blessed, and was happy with myself, and I know that yeah I might not be the best flute player in the world, but I will be my best. I may not get a perfect 4.0 but I will try and do my best schoolwork. I may not be able to finish all my homework or get an A on every test.... but as I strive to do well things will work out and being here at BYU there are times I feel inadequate but thats okay.... I have heard many other people say they feel that way too.

I am happy and I love life the way it is :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So my Mondays are usually really rough and I dread waking up on Monday morning. But today started off rough and ended with a big bang! So usually I hit my snooze button like 5 times, but thanks to Arianne, I woke up the first time my alarm went off yay me! Then Ari and I had breakfast and following that was class... don't ask about class because I did not feel like paying attention at ALL today. Don't we all have those days? Then I realized that I lost my planner....
The WORLD is at an END! I cannot live without my planner, it organizes my thoughts and organization and homework and all of which I plan on doing (like a planner should!). So all day I have felt so dramatic and so grumpy, all because I lost a stupid planner... looking back I just need to move on even though it is VERY frustrating to have lost that...
Anyways because I was in a frantic stressed and grumpy mood, naturally I had to keep myself occupied and get things done, and those things just needed to be finished and what a perfect time then when I am ready to attack things right? So I attacked some homework... and then here it comes...  I finally attacked my laundry (Kasey would be proud of me :D ) So while I did laundry I did more homework and then I finished it... but as I was putting it up I realized I owned an abundance of fuzzy socks... random much?
Then I cleaned my room, might I add it is spotless, and then I changed my wallflower and my room has the lovely aroma of sweet pea :) 

Then twas the time for FHE, or friendly home evening as we call it here at BYU. You can read more about FHE here. But I found out that I was in charge of the activity/lesson, and I decided to become creative. I have wanted to make a music video for a while and Justin Bieber sounded like a pretty fantastic one to make. Luckily I have the best group ever and they decided JB all on their own and were as thrilled as I was to become silly. But I quickly threw together this video which timed PERFECTLY, and it is pretty funny, but check it out its only THREE minutes... tell me what you think!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where to start

So I have found a new obsession... blogs. So if it was not enough to read one, I had to make one for myself. Before I would get away from my everyday life by playing my flute, singing, dancing, or fishing... but nowadays I cannot do those things in the same light I used to anymore. Which brings me to why I have been craving blogs like the nie nie dialogues and enjoying the small things. These women have such interesting stories and they inspire me to be more positive and enjoy those little things in life! Sitting here in my small dorm room I am recalling memories from my first year here at BYU, and how much I have grown! So the beginning of my first adventure started with this:
This is a picture of graduation day with my precious sister Makenna, My dad Jon, and my incredible stepmom April! 

Graduation set me up for my next adventure, moving out of state and going to college, and driving to Utah I passed many beautiful scenery such as this one, ( might I add my mom drove the WHOLE way, what a trooper!):

Then I finally arrived at BYU, home of the Cougs... oh yeah! The campus is beautiful but I was so upset to leave my mom for the first time, yet I was so excited for my new beginning!
By the way, I hiked that sucker all the way up to the white Y... yeah that is right! But so much has happened here in Provo including meeting great girls, Arianne and Lizzie who I call my best friends. This is a picture of the night of my 19th birthday Arianne is in the middle and Lizzie on the left:

I also had cool things happen to me throughout the semester and one of them was being featured on the cover of Southwestern musician:
That was way cool! I also survived finals week and had great memories which include scream singing songs in the basement ( there was an FHE group that heard us the whole time... so embarrassing), figuring out how to make sparkling cider explode, making up crazy dance moves, and putting on make up to see if I could pull off looking like a guy... it looked like this:
There were a lot of worse pictures but this still makes me laugh out loud. Finals week was also a time of sadness and I lost my best friend to cancer, and she still inspires me although she is not here with me. Thank you Catherine Grzybowski for helping me to grow and inspiring me to stand strong for what I believe and know to be right!

I went home for Christmas and did cool things with my family like go to see Ice at the Gaylord Texan:
From left to right: My step brother Austin, MY brother Devin, Me, my Mom, and on the bottom is my brother Joshua
It was great to go home and see family. :)

I am now halfway through my second semester here at BYU and have had many great memories and hope to have even more memories. Of course I cannot fit them all into one blog but I will start my adventures right NOW! So here is to the start of... Adventures of a girly girl.