Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where to start

So I have found a new obsession... blogs. So if it was not enough to read one, I had to make one for myself. Before I would get away from my everyday life by playing my flute, singing, dancing, or fishing... but nowadays I cannot do those things in the same light I used to anymore. Which brings me to why I have been craving blogs like the nie nie dialogues and enjoying the small things. These women have such interesting stories and they inspire me to be more positive and enjoy those little things in life! Sitting here in my small dorm room I am recalling memories from my first year here at BYU, and how much I have grown! So the beginning of my first adventure started with this:
This is a picture of graduation day with my precious sister Makenna, My dad Jon, and my incredible stepmom April! 

Graduation set me up for my next adventure, moving out of state and going to college, and driving to Utah I passed many beautiful scenery such as this one, ( might I add my mom drove the WHOLE way, what a trooper!):

Then I finally arrived at BYU, home of the Cougs... oh yeah! The campus is beautiful but I was so upset to leave my mom for the first time, yet I was so excited for my new beginning!
By the way, I hiked that sucker all the way up to the white Y... yeah that is right! But so much has happened here in Provo including meeting great girls, Arianne and Lizzie who I call my best friends. This is a picture of the night of my 19th birthday Arianne is in the middle and Lizzie on the left:

I also had cool things happen to me throughout the semester and one of them was being featured on the cover of Southwestern musician:
That was way cool! I also survived finals week and had great memories which include scream singing songs in the basement ( there was an FHE group that heard us the whole time... so embarrassing), figuring out how to make sparkling cider explode, making up crazy dance moves, and putting on make up to see if I could pull off looking like a guy... it looked like this:
There were a lot of worse pictures but this still makes me laugh out loud. Finals week was also a time of sadness and I lost my best friend to cancer, and she still inspires me although she is not here with me. Thank you Catherine Grzybowski for helping me to grow and inspiring me to stand strong for what I believe and know to be right!

I went home for Christmas and did cool things with my family like go to see Ice at the Gaylord Texan:
From left to right: My step brother Austin, MY brother Devin, Me, my Mom, and on the bottom is my brother Joshua
It was great to go home and see family. :)

I am now halfway through my second semester here at BYU and have had many great memories and hope to have even more memories. Of course I cannot fit them all into one blog but I will start my adventures right NOW! So here is to the start of... Adventures of a girly girl.


  1. You go girl! You are the one who is amazing! You make it easy to love you. Have fun up there! From one "Girly Girl" to another! Mommy April

  2. I'm addicted to blogs too :)

  3. Wahoo! Another blog to read! Please feel free to stalk mine also. I'm no NieNie but you know, it's always fun to see into other people's lives. :)