Saturday, May 28, 2011

late nights in Provo

Lizzie came over on Thursday and goodness have I missed her! She brought her friend Hannah along with her and Hannah is a very sweet girl! My brother called me and I was so happy because that was the first time that we had really talked since Christmas. He is only 16 after all so I don't blame him for not really wanting to talk to his lame sister. But my little sister called me too to tell me that she had gotten an owl pellet. It was so funny because she talked for an hour straight reading about it and stuff and it was so funny and so cute because she was so excited about it. She told me all about how she had a mole's skeleton inside and stuff... boy to I LOVE my sister and I miss her now 8 year old self.

But since Lizzie was in town, we decided to have some fun, so we went with Kathryn to the park and me made a fire so that we could make some smores!

I had not had a burnt marshmallow in forever and it was so much fun. All my friends thought I was crazy though because I like my a little burned and they are the golden brown people. But in my family, my grandaddy always burned his marshmallows so us grandkids did the same and we like them better that way.

Smores were good it was a lot of fun, and because Timmy did not like marshmallows, he toasted air heads. 
Then we played this animal sounds game and you had to guess who the person was by sitting in their lap   with your eyes closed. It was really funny because Kathryn and Arianne kept picking each other like ten times without even realizing it.

Love my friends. Love random nights. and I LOVE Kathryn Grebe, she is great!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicken Parmesan recipe.

So the other day I decided to try out a new recipe. Come to find out the chicken parmesan recipe I had was not too specific so I had to improvise and make it my own. But it was so delicious I cannot help but share this yummy yet quick and easy recipe.

So what you need is:

Chicken Breasts
Parmesan cheese
Bread crumbs
an egg or two
spaghetti noodles
Ragu spaghetti sauce
and some mozzarella cheese

So first I cooked the chicken breasts and while they were cooking on the skillet I put about 3 slices of bread (mind you this is for two people) in the oven at 400 degrees, so that the bread would become stiff and I could crumble it up to make me some bread crumbs. it took about 5 minutes then I turned the bread and then it took another 5 minutes till the bread was crispy enough to crumble. I mixed the breadcrumbs with the same amount of finely grated parmesan cheese, and then in a separate pan broke two eggs and whisked them together. Once the chicken was done, I dipped it into the raw egg which I them dipped into the breadcrumb parmesan cheese mixer, and then I put it into the skillet with a tablespoon of cooking oil. That sealed the breadcrumbs onto the chicken. Then I served the chicken over spaghetti  and then added some more sauce topped with mozzerella as well as parmesan and voila it was delicious! Again there were no left overs and I made enough for at least 4 or 5 people.

Any other good recipes out there?


So this past weekend I took a short trip with the gals! 
It all started one night as Kasey and I were sitting around and I was PLEADING with Kasey to go to a dance with me. Kasey claims that Gulbransons' cannot dance and my response was that I did not care but that he should go with me anyways. After trying to creep me out with some of his dance moves, Kasey got a call from our dear friends Jessica and James! After they hung up and said their goodbyes it was final.. we were not going to dance but go on a hike instead. As much as I was bummed about not going to be crazy and put on some dance moves... I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go on a beautiful hike with Jessica James, and Kasey. Hike pictures will have to come later but it was a lot of fun... and ANYWAYs down to the point of my short story... Jessica asked me to fill in for her sister Megan and run in the Ogden relay race . I did not agree right away but overtime I thought about it... and I came to the conclusion that it would be good motivation for me to continue to try and get into shape.

So what happened was Jessica picked me up on Friday and we went to her parent's house where we ate some wheat thins and gathered some eggs from the "sisters" while we waited for her sister-in-laws Michelle and Sara to arrive. Once they arrived... we continued onto our destination to Jessica's other sister-in-law Michelle's house in Liberty, where we would be staying the night. Might I add, her house was gorgeous! But we had a BLAST that night, doing what girls do best.... talking! :)
We did not end up heading to bed until 1am and I think by the time I got to bed it was 2am. Kinda stink in the morning though because we had to get up at 4:30am and I felt like I had only been asleep for 30min when my alarm went off. But I was okay with it because I would not have traded talking to those chickas for anything LOVE them!

So after eating some oatmeal, and discussing the route for the day... we headed off and first dropped off Jessica who ran the first leg of 7 miles, then I was dropped off and I ran about 6.25 miles, then Sara was dropped off, then Michelle C. and they both ran 5 miles, and then Michelle M. took herself to the last leg of the race which was 3 miles. So I waited for about 3 hours before I even began to run and it was SO so cold. At one point it even started to lightly rain and I was shivering.
There were also these ladies that kept talking about how it was a "runner's race" and this one lady was complaining about how her teams last leg runner told them she was going to walk a lot of it. In my head I was like... get real lady at least she is in the race! So thankfully none of my team was so adamant on winning and we were all in it for fun. So once Jessica finally reached my starting point, I was all ready to go! The run was beautiful and I even took a picture at one point but its a little blurry because my sweat got on my phone camera lens from being in my bra. 

Other parts looked even prettier and before I knew it I was halfway through and I kept saying to myself... no way this cannot be three miles it feels like it has only been one mile! So then I decided to walk some. Once I started walking... it was hard to continuously run again to I would differentiate from jogging to fast walking then before I knew it I was done!

I really sprinted that last quarter of a mile and I am sure it scared Sara some because I probably looked as if I was about to die! But I kinda was I really had just wanted water... and they were offering cliff bars so I think I ate like 5 of them. So worth it though. Then Sara started. Then I rode the bus to the finish line where I met up with Jessica. It took over an hour to ride the bus back to the finish line it was ridiculous! 

So in the end we all finished the race and Michelle C. finished with Michelle M. and she ended up running 8 miles instead of 5... go Michelle! 

These girls are great and I love them so much!
Care to do it again???

Thanks to Jessica for inviting me it was a great experience, and I was so glad that I could carry on Kara McCoy's legacy in the relay and she will just have to join us next time!

So where was Kasey in this mess? Bored. haha
Kasey was not really sure what to do with himself based upon my understanding and he told me all about how he was bored.
But he had a lot of fun playing golf with James for James' birthday, and they got sunburnt really bad. Jessica and I met up with Kasey and James at Brad and Tara's place because they were setting up a basketball hoop. Kasey and James have a lot of love for each other and this picture expresses it all... just kidding. But it was a super fun weekend with just some of the people I love.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An act of kindness.

So Arianne and I desperately needed some groceries and part of the reason was well we needed to buy some more toilet paper. Yes I know too much information but as we stepped outside we noticed it was just slightly sprinkling outside. I was like heck yes... LOVE the rain. Well I did not think the whole process through. Anyways, we went and walked enough of a distance and we finally reached the south end market! It was really funny because as we were in line Ari turned to me and was like and I quote... "Kara, I think Walmart is cheaper and the prices here are more expensive." The cashier started to give his reasoning on how the prices were the same and if not they were cheaper... anyways come to find out he OWNS the place and she totally dissed him... funny.

But then as we were leaving we realized it was now POURING, or as my mom might say raining cats and dogs... and we had like 10 bags each and they were heavy might I add! So the dilemma was figuring out how to carry the 10 bags and an umbrella and yada yada back to our apartment. I situated my stuff accordingly and I figured out how I was to carry my stuff... Ari on the other hand was struggling A LOT. So we would take 5 steps and stop, take another 5 steps and stop. This continued halfway to the first of many crosswalks and then this guy came running over to us. Oh my goodness was he an answer to my prayer. I was so glad he offered to help us carry our stuff because I did not want to have to hear about how heavy it was because I know how heavy it was. But he carried her stuff the entire way to our apartment. His name was Johnny he is turning his papers in  in July and he was from Arizona. Anyways just so grateful he was there to help us out and I am back dry from the rain.

By the way I got my passport today and its official... I am planning on visiting Canada for about 2 weeks in July!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day.

I feel as if I am pretty independent... but sometimes I still need my mom.
My mom and my stepmom are the best and I have been privileged to have them both in my life!
My mom is super awesome and I really miss her especially because mother's day was Today and this was the first time that I was not with her on mother's day. 
When I got my haircut, I totally forgot to tip the hairdresser and I felt really bad afterward but if my mom were there she would have not let me forget! I just am so thankful for what she has done for me and for the strength she has given me and for the lessons I have been taught by her.

This is my mom.
The second picture just shows how crazy and fun she is! I love her SO much and think the world of her. She may be imperfect yet again Christ was the only perfect being, yet she has been the perfect mom for me!

A little bit about my mom:
She teaches choir to a bunch of hormonal teenagers at Central Junior High
She used to be in the Fort Worth Opera ( I got the privilege to be in 2 operas because of her, and one was with her)
She got offered the part of Alvin in Alvin and the chipmunks movie but turned it down because her students are more important to her
She LOVES to embarrass me but I act like it doesn't phase me: for example she shimmied down the isle at Walmart to a Beyonce song and sang it with her chipmunk voice...
She is a health freak and runs around 10 miles a day
Has lots of self control.... she loved candy and went on a candy fast for a whole year!
She has me, her only girl, and two boys, as well as a stepdaughter and stepson.
 She likes to swim
She is the best mom I could ask for and loves me unconditionally.

You ROCK mom, and I love you more than words can describe. Even when you embarrass me, like when yo talked about farting when I was your student IN CLASS. Even when you make me eat nasty soy mango smoothies that taste like eating toothpaste out of a tube just because it is healthy, even when you made me mad because I wanted to stay out later and you wanted to go to bed, even when you beat me at our karate choppin wars, and even when you cannot be with me, I still love you. 

I have the privilee of having two mom's and mother's day would not be complete without thanking April,  or mommyapril as I have called her for the last 10 years.

There have been times when I was down and needed a friend and she was there. I am glad that she married my dad and that when I need someone to confide with she is there. There have been times when we have not gotten along but that does not change the fact that I love her. 
Things April loves:
Shopping :) She is a great shopping buddy and always gets me the cutest stuff
decorating..... you should see my room, it's all thanks to her!
being a mom, she is so patient with my sister Makenna who can at some times be a challenge
dancing, lets just say we got our boogy on last Christmas

She also has worked with deaf children and she went on a mission to South Korea. 
She has been a great example for me as well!

I love both of these ladies so much and they have helped me to become the person I am today.

So for all the Mother's out there... Happy Mother's Day... you are changing the world one child at a time.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So I FINALLY got myself to go and get a haircut. I had cut it above my shoulders last August and I thought it was cut until I got into my car and looked into the mirror.... then I started to cry, and I called my mom because I didn't know what to do. I had cut over 10 inches that day and vowed I would never do it again. But today I decided my hair had grown out enough and it was warmer and my hair was just too warm.... so it was time to get it cut.


Mom, you would be pleased to know only 2 inches came off this time!
Isn't Kasey handsome?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today as I was walking home from campus, and my classes, I could not help but notice how beautiful this afternoon was. The weather was almost perfect! I just wish it was a little bit warmer. But I am so thankful that it is so gorgeous where I live. :) 

Brother Bott, my missionary prep teacher, said something profound to me today. He talked about how to overcome those days when we just feel like we are in the dumps...
One of the suggestions he gave was to count your many blessing and name them one by one. He also suggested that we find our own sacred grove (or a safe haven to just release ourselves of the stresses of the world) So I decided my sacred grove would be walking around and reflecting on my thoughts. South of campus is so pretty, so on my way back to my apartment I decided to take a short detour and I could not resist taking pictures. It was kinda fun... but I wish I had a real camera and didn't only use my phone :(

Either way I could not help but notice the trees which were a PERFECT shade of pink and just blossoming and beautiful. 

One thing I do have to do everyday is walk up and down a MILLION stairs and I am not exaggerating. 
This picture I took even after walking down two flights of stairs!

But it is worth it because of how gorgeous the scenery is... plus I get a workout and I am sure my behind will be toned by the end of the year.
But they just finished this gorgeous walkway and if you have not been, you should go... the creamery sells a special ice cream on Fridays and Saturdays.

This tree is the epitome of the popcorn popping song... its stuck in my head now...

But I am so thankful for the beauty of spring... I just love the flowers.

Today Kasey and I also went on a double with James and Jessica. I sadly did not get a picture. But we went to Trafalga and the boys hit some balls at the batting cages while Jessica and I watched, We would have hit some softballs but those were taken... for a LONG time, and we did not want to hit fast pitch. But we also went inside and did mini golf, or putt-putt as I like to call it and it was really cool because we played with a backlight. Then after that we got some food at in-and-out and laughed a lot. I think it is funny that we did that, because the last time I was at Trafalga and ate at in-and-out afterward, I was on my first official date with Kasey. boo yeah! Looking back, I don't know how I fell for that fool.
I was also really excited because James suggested that we play bananagrahms, and funny thing is that I had really wanted to play the game. I realized that we all are super competitive, but I would have it no other way. James and Jessica are a lot of fun, and I am glad that they are mine and Kasey's friends :)

Anyways, I hope we do not resort back to freeze my tail off weather its perfect the way it is right now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I MOVED! I finally got settled into my new place and its awesome but it does have some downsides.
First off I moved all of this ...

I know a lot of stuff right? It was a tad embarrassing I even got rid of a lot...

It was actually somewhat depressing to leave my dorm room, it reminded me of all the memories I have had this past year, and it was my first place on my own. But it was small and I was able to move into my new place with one of my best friends Arianne. So far we have loved it a lot... our ward right now is teeninsy and we only have about 35 people total in the whole ward. Hopefully in the fall we will have a lot more people. 
So random, but one of the girls in the ward ... besides me... is named Kara and she is from Texas and grew up in the same area as I did... weird.
But our ward seems really nice and great but Kasey was not happy that this guy I'll refer to as rose guy, is in my ward. Just in a nut shell, I met rose guy once and he left me a rose and a cheesy poem refering to my favorite flower, on the professor's lecture table with my name in big letters on the chalk board.

Note that about 300 people are in that class and I showed up 10 minutes late so it was oober embarrassing. Funny thing is, that everyone thought it was Kasey so he got all the credit.... I wish. Kasey wouldn't do that though. 

So I guess rose dude is one downside, another downside is that our dishwasher is broken, and the maintenance guy came today and said it was not fixable so we need a new dishwasher. So cool we get a dishwasher but our management is bad so that pretty much means we will not get a new dishwasher let alone have one for probably a month. Washing dishes by hand is just tedious but I will live.
Another downer and downside is that we are on the first floor next to the parking lot so you hear people and their conversations, and I am sure they can hear ours. Not going to lie but I do not want everyone and their dog to hear every word that comes out of my mouth... its none of their beeswax!
But our apartment is pretty big and my first thought was bluh regarding our couches, and that is mainly because nothing decorative wise goes with them. But they have grown on me and are not that bad. What can I say, I am a girly girl after all and love to make things cute :)
But for now I have my own room and there is plenty of space in our apartment. Here are some pics, disregard the mess.

Arianne's computer is permanently in our living room for now, especially because of the one ethernet port.

That is Justin Bieber at the end of our hallway, still makes me laugh, I frequently remind Kasey of his love for Justin Bieber.

Our kitchen is pretty big for a student apartment and I feel like I am always in there cooking stuff.

My room, and yes I have two beds.

So whether or not I like it, I am stuck here until next April.
None the less, I have had a blast so far and words cannot describe my excitement to actually cook my own food! I now have a new appreciation for a kitchen. My first night I made Kara Korn Kasserole, and it is delicious, if you want the recipe I will send it to you. But I made so much of it and everyone who tried it really liked it so there were no leftovers. 

We also had visitors, Jill, and my cousin Rachel, come over. When Jill first came over, I made us enchiladas and Shelley made the salad.

It was delicious and I believe everyone licked their plate clean. 
for fast sunday, I made sweet and sour chicken over rice. It was so good, and the secret my dad taught me, was to mix a bit of Teriyaki sauce with Yoshida's sweet and sour sauce. I will definitely make those dishes again. 
Shelley and I decided to venture a bit one day as well, and on our venture we came across this store.

The picture is blurry but I have never seen anything like it. First of all you just walked in and if you wanted something you just leave money on the table and take it... weird right?
It was painted all colorfully too.

Anyways, Kasey and I got the pass of all passes to Trafalga and seven peaks, and to celebrate we asked Garyn and Jill to go and play laser tag with us. They are so much fun and I really like to hang with them. So in between laser tag sessions, we decided to do something else, and the quickest thing was the bumper boats. It took me about 5 seconds to realize I was not having fun so I got out as fast as I could because I did not wish to get anymore wet. My hair was so gross after! But Kasey stayed in for about another 5 minutes and that was long enough. These little bratty kids who had first only squirted me resorted to just squirting Kasey and his boat didn't even work. One kid kept chasing and squirting him saying, "hey you need a shower get your shower come on!" he also kept saying, "need some shampoo with that?" 

Kasey came out sopping wet as if he had first been given a swirly and second had wet his pants. I am sure the people inside had thought he had jumped into the bumper boat pool.... what a fool. 

But he definitely was a pitiful sight, and he did look like he peed his pants. Maybe I need to get him one of those old people diapers if he can't control himself? gross.

But it had been a fun week moving an having my cousin over. We went to the nickel arcade 2 nights in a row and after my cousin Rachel found that out, she understood why I did not wish to go again. We still had fun anyway and it was great fun.

By the way, has anyone ever heard of pushing daisies? I really like that show.