Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today as I was walking home from campus, and my classes, I could not help but notice how beautiful this afternoon was. The weather was almost perfect! I just wish it was a little bit warmer. But I am so thankful that it is so gorgeous where I live. :) 

Brother Bott, my missionary prep teacher, said something profound to me today. He talked about how to overcome those days when we just feel like we are in the dumps...
One of the suggestions he gave was to count your many blessing and name them one by one. He also suggested that we find our own sacred grove (or a safe haven to just release ourselves of the stresses of the world) So I decided my sacred grove would be walking around and reflecting on my thoughts. South of campus is so pretty, so on my way back to my apartment I decided to take a short detour and I could not resist taking pictures. It was kinda fun... but I wish I had a real camera and didn't only use my phone :(

Either way I could not help but notice the trees which were a PERFECT shade of pink and just blossoming and beautiful. 

One thing I do have to do everyday is walk up and down a MILLION stairs and I am not exaggerating. 
This picture I took even after walking down two flights of stairs!

But it is worth it because of how gorgeous the scenery is... plus I get a workout and I am sure my behind will be toned by the end of the year.
But they just finished this gorgeous walkway and if you have not been, you should go... the creamery sells a special ice cream on Fridays and Saturdays.

This tree is the epitome of the popcorn popping song... its stuck in my head now...

But I am so thankful for the beauty of spring... I just love the flowers.

Today Kasey and I also went on a double with James and Jessica. I sadly did not get a picture. But we went to Trafalga and the boys hit some balls at the batting cages while Jessica and I watched, We would have hit some softballs but those were taken... for a LONG time, and we did not want to hit fast pitch. But we also went inside and did mini golf, or putt-putt as I like to call it and it was really cool because we played with a backlight. Then after that we got some food at in-and-out and laughed a lot. I think it is funny that we did that, because the last time I was at Trafalga and ate at in-and-out afterward, I was on my first official date with Kasey. boo yeah! Looking back, I don't know how I fell for that fool.
I was also really excited because James suggested that we play bananagrahms, and funny thing is that I had really wanted to play the game. I realized that we all are super competitive, but I would have it no other way. James and Jessica are a lot of fun, and I am glad that they are mine and Kasey's friends :)

Anyways, I hope we do not resort back to freeze my tail off weather its perfect the way it is right now.

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  1. I soooooo remember those stairs from my time south of campus. Good luck! :)