Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This weekend has been pretty much crazy. This week has been crazy and it just started. I woke up today thinking that it was Thursday... only to realize it was Tuesday and I have not gotten Wednesday finished with yet. (though I wish I could just skip Wednesday... please?) But things that were great about this weekend...
1. I was very productive
2. Friends
3. packages and letters from home
4. quesadillas
5. gummi bears :)

So I was sick an tired of eating at the Cannon center, or the cancer center as I like to call it, so I had Kasey bring me to the grocery store so that I could get some ingredients to make and eat something besides cafeteria food. I decided I wanted ingredients to make quesadillas! So on Sunday Arianne, Lizzie and I had a party in the basement and made quesadillas... yummy! Then after we had the cheese and beef quesadillas we made cinnamon sugar tortillas for dessert it was delish!

Do not pay attention to our grubby looking selves, take into account that it was Sunday late at night and we did not care much for our appearances!
Sadly Kasey did not get to enjoy any of it because he was not feeling well.... he was not feeling well all weekend :(
On Saturday I watched the basketball game with Kasey and our friends Ari, Josh and Jeff. BYU won of course! Go cougars! I am so proud to be a BYU cougar. (I was going to write just cougar then I realized that people might take that as me being the old lady who likes little boys... eww)

I also got tons of mail this weekend including a second letter from my nana, a letter from my friend Kevin who is serving in Japan, and a care package from my mom with super cute and sweet things inside:

In my box I found life saver mints, ( my mom must be smelling my breath from TEXAS), haribo gummy  bears ( the best kind), a red shirt from forever 21, and a burn-out green shirt with a sparkly music note on it, oh and a cute pink zebra watch! I love cute little surprises like this one, it made me miss my mom and my family.

In my letters, my friend Kevin made fun of me for countless number of things, some are too embarrassing to mention, and how he was in a small area called nanzo which means seven tails and as he said one tail for every active member! It is really cool to see one of my childhood friends on a mission and already enjoying it, he is going to do great things! 
My nana wrote me a second letter and I think I laughed through the whole thing just because it was ridiculous yet cute! She told me the EXACT same thing the EXACT same way as her first letter, yet in a different order. Things she told me included her light blue chanel beadspread and it shedding blue fuzz everywhere, stealing her roommates cigarettes with her other roommate and having a bad experience, everyone who died that week in her retirement community, the oldest person she knew which was 104, and something about the weather. My nana is crazy but I love her and I still get scarred images of her dancing to Beyonce.
I also took many tests and did loads of homework, even though it is a pain, I can say that I feel privileged to have it! 
Did I already say that Kasey was awesome? well if not, he is and is officially my new favorite, he makes me smile. the end


  1. Sounds like a great pick-me-up week! :)

  2. Yay for care packages. Boo for Kasey being sick. And Kasey always gets to me in the end as well, but usually as a pain in the butt!