Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So my Mondays are usually really rough and I dread waking up on Monday morning. But today started off rough and ended with a big bang! So usually I hit my snooze button like 5 times, but thanks to Arianne, I woke up the first time my alarm went off yay me! Then Ari and I had breakfast and following that was class... don't ask about class because I did not feel like paying attention at ALL today. Don't we all have those days? Then I realized that I lost my planner....
The WORLD is at an END! I cannot live without my planner, it organizes my thoughts and organization and homework and all of which I plan on doing (like a planner should!). So all day I have felt so dramatic and so grumpy, all because I lost a stupid planner... looking back I just need to move on even though it is VERY frustrating to have lost that...
Anyways because I was in a frantic stressed and grumpy mood, naturally I had to keep myself occupied and get things done, and those things just needed to be finished and what a perfect time then when I am ready to attack things right? So I attacked some homework... and then here it comes...  I finally attacked my laundry (Kasey would be proud of me :D ) So while I did laundry I did more homework and then I finished it... but as I was putting it up I realized I owned an abundance of fuzzy socks... random much?
Then I cleaned my room, might I add it is spotless, and then I changed my wallflower and my room has the lovely aroma of sweet pea :) 

Then twas the time for FHE, or friendly home evening as we call it here at BYU. You can read more about FHE here. But I found out that I was in charge of the activity/lesson, and I decided to become creative. I have wanted to make a music video for a while and Justin Bieber sounded like a pretty fantastic one to make. Luckily I have the best group ever and they decided JB all on their own and were as thrilled as I was to become silly. But I quickly threw together this video which timed PERFECTLY, and it is pretty funny, but check it out its only THREE minutes... tell me what you think!


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