Sunday, March 27, 2011


So this last week was crazy, we had a relief society meeting, I had scale game day ( that was gross), tons of homework due, and the festival of colors. The festival of colors was fun and we were a mess. This is what we ended up looking like...

It was a load of fun!
I have been blowing hot pink boogers ever since!
My eye is also stained a shade of pink as well as my scalp!
Kasey had some friends come in from Idaho, and they were very nice. They joined us for this fun occasion and I think they had a lot of fun too. It seemed as if every time that Lizzie and I tried to get a picture this happened...

The powder got into our eyes a few times and it hurt like having your eye wide open and pouring flour on it.... not a good feeling. 
It had a pleasant smell too actually, but after getting some of it in my mouth I did not like the smell because I did not like the taste.
There were tons of people there...

Which was the cause for us looking messy before we even got our own chalk to throw.

We looked cleanish beforehand...

But we turned into a mess. Our bathroom is all pink right now and quite the mess from all the girls cleaning up in it. Cannot wait till Monday when it is cleaned!
We also went up to the temple and decided not to go inside because of the policy of no shoes, we felt like keeping our shoes on, and so we looked inside of the windows.
It was interesting because people were dancing and doing this swaying thing all together to worship this statue... whatever the Hindu idol is. There was a purplish mud all over the floor and they actually had hosed down the floors and I think that they wanted to have purple mud... whatever floats your boat!
But that was fun, and later we watched Red Riding Hood, it was well a different movie. Not my favorite.
Then Kasey and I got some froyo afterward, and I was in heaven because they had the two best froyo flavors ever.... red velvet and cake batter!!!
I just noticed that I write about food every time I make a new post, I guess that it goes to prove that I like food. the end.
Lizzie's picture is my favorite (I know this is random... but I am a random girl)

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  1. Kasey might need a little help in the eye shadow department, he was never good at applying it and it looks like his practice has not helped :)