Saturday, April 2, 2011

well that was interesting.

So last night I went to my dad's mission reunion. It was really cool to see my dad interact with all of his mission buddies... he is a funny guy. My dad served in the Sapporo, Japan mission, and that is located in the northern most part of Japan. Apparently, my dad had served in the northern most part, so far north that he could see Russia across the ocean, for 11 months. All of his old mission buddies kept commenting on how he was a trooper. I heard many stories, and one in particular made me giggle. In Japan, there is not really any space for anything so when the people get something new they just throw their old things out. They also were very poor missionaries and did not get to eat many foods take for granted my us Americans like doughnuts. So one night my dad and his buddies went and got doughnuts from the dumpster, and they started to eat them, and after a while they realized that there were cigarette butts on the doughnuts... but they ate them anyways first because they were hungry and second because the doughnuts were good. They laughed and laughed and I just thought it was gross. bluck. Several times I also was asked if I was my dad's wife.... talk about embarrassing.... and my dad went along with it but of course I did not let it play off! At least people saw me as a more mature age than 16.... I still have had people ask me if I am 16 what is up with that?
But overall it was really good to see my dad interact with his mission buddies and see the funny and lighthearted side of my dad. My dad is a really good guy and loved his mission so much and he loved the people of Japan. Someday I wish to visit Japan and eat their yummy food.... I love rice with chicken teriyaki! I also love sushi yummy!
This is my dad and I:

Its funny because he is wearing my girly cowboy hat. Boy do I LOVE him! My dad is an inspiration to me.... things about my dad...
1. He likes to take my siblings and I out to fish (I love to fish)
2. He likes to play tennis
3. He has a very strong testimony of the gospel and I look up to him for that
4. He likes to eat anything sweet
5. He works for Microsoft so he brings home really cool games
6. He is an AMAZING cook, especially with Japanese food
7. I Love him
8. He is secretly a good singer but he doesn't really sing for people
9. I could go on but the point is that he is awesome
I would not have my dad any other way and of course my dad is not perfect but no one is perfect. But he is a great dad and has taught me a lot and helped me to become the person I am today.

We get to go to the conference center and watch General Conference in Salt Lake and hear the words of the prophet's voice. And tonight I am meeting up with Kasey and his brother Kaelen who is visiting from Canada... it should be a blast!

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