Monday, April 25, 2011

freshman year... the end.

So the last two weeks have been psycho! Things could not be any more crazy! So short synopsis on why I have not even had time to blog, let alone breathe....
1) Finals week
2) Flute stuff (this determines my major)
3) Lots of outings with Kasey or in a funny name... the K-ster
4) Moving
5) Kaelen and Rochelle, as well as Jana and Russell, and their families visiting
6) need I say more?

So first of all finals week..... this semester I took nine classes, yes NINE classes. Those nine classes made life interesting.... well first off one of those classes I tested out of, one I had to create a portfolio and schedule an interview, another I had to show up and perform, and another I took I had to sing a piece I had never seen for my professor. That left me with 4 written finals and a flute Jury which was way worse than any of the written finals.
But I survived finals week and it was stressful but hey... I passed freshman year so go me!

Next comes the flute stuff... well what I had to do was prepare two contrasting pieces and I had to memorize 8 pages of this scale piece... and it was really hard for me. They had to be flawless and I was to perform them in front of a panel of professors who broke apart my performance, graded and judged it and not only did my performance determine my grade but it determines what my major could be. I mean I thought I did okay but who knows... I feel as if I did pretty well but its not up to me I just have to have faith. So off of that scariness

Skiping to numba 5.... first off Kaelen and Rochelle and their family came to visit a week and a half ago and it was really nice to meet them. We went to the cheesecake factory and of course it was delicious. Probably, one of if not, my favorite restaurants. Max sat next to me and both him and I played with his small plastic dinosaur and made T-rex noises. Max was really cute and gave me a butter wrapper to pretend was another dinosaur. He kept eating a lot of butter... I sure couldn't do that for many reasons! But he and his siblings were super cute and it reminded me of my little sister who once told me "when I grow up I'm going to be a dinosaur"... I sometimes question how she is related to me especially since I was the type of girl to play with dolls and not dinosaurs. 
Then Jana and Russell cam and there kids are super cute as well. There little girl Landry would smile at me from a distance but when I picked her up she would cry... at least she did not cry as hard with me as she did when Garyn held her. shwoo! But we went and ate at Olive Garden... yum... and while we were waiting Garyn, Jill, Kasey and I decided to make a quick trip to Target. I ended up getting more plastic storage for packing my stuff up to move, and Garyn and Jill got cool helmets for their new bikes. Then on Saturday we went to the Tanger outlet mall in Park City and we had a blast. I was not planning on getting one single thing and then I ended up getting two shirts and a pair of sunglasses. But I guess you could say Kase insisted that he get me the sunglasses... so I let him. There was also this weird guy that literally walked into every store we went to and he had bleached blonde hair and a navy blue Tommy Hilfiger jacket on. I swear he was stalking/following us. It was so creepy... I almost took a picture then Jill made me realize that I would then become the creep. Thanks Jill! We all also went to Cafe Rio... another delicious place... and I got the enchiladas. I still prefer Costa Vida even though its the same thing. But we were talking with Coleson and it was super funny because he was discussing people in his family and their names... and he said," yeah I have to uncle mikes and two aunt Jills and then its crazy because I even have two auntie Kara's... or wait maybe I will have two aunt Kara's or not..." He got so embarrassed and ran away. That made me giggle. We also ate at Farr's frozen yogurt.... and I love frozen yogurt. Poor Kasey got a bloody nose, he said he just blew it and that happened but I told him it was probably because he was picking his boogers! gross! Did I mention Kasey got stuff when we went shopping too? He looked very dashing in what he got... and he got sunglasses that were the exact same ones that Garyn and Russell got. 

But onto our outings.... so Kasey and I wet shopping over a week ago and this weekend with Jana and we were successful:

Kase is so goofy.

We also hung out with Jill and Garyn and we went to Pizzeria 712 which was... really good. I don;t know a better way to describe it. And I stole these photos from Jill's blog:

After the Pizzeria we played laser tag at Trafalga as well as some other games... and lets just say we owned that game! There was this one laser game and the best way to describe it was you had to be like a ninja and not touch the laser beams, it was really funny and Garyn just crawled right on under all of them. Then with out tickets I thought it would be an interesting idea to take picture with vampire teeth just because... so we did, and that turned into a semi bad idea. Kasey and Garyn were on one... but it was very humorous. Made us all laugh a lot.
We also went bowling and some how by magic I got loads better and beat Kasey! Yeah and not only that but I broke 100 points... go me! We had out friends join us too.... Ari, Liz, Josh, and Noelle.

After bowling Lizzie cut Noelle's hair and this is before and after... it turned out so cute I was impressed!

Kasey also took me to the driving range... I have never been to a golf course so it was interesting. But I hit and missed a few of the golf balls and as you can see Kasey caught me missing one of the golf balls.

It was fun but at times frustrating for me.

We have done so much I do not remember it all but another fun thing we did was go to my grandparents house for Easter Linner. (lunch and dinner combined) It was delicious, we had ham and Turkey and just tons of food. A lot of my family was there too and my grandpa really like Kasey. He even told Kasey that if he gets tired of me that he could date one of my cousins. Kase also saw some of the boring home videos and one I had never seen which was really boring. But he survived ... for now. 

So that fills everyone in on the happenings in my life... I move tomorrow to my new apartment South of campus and I am going to miss this small cramped dorm room. Its bitter sweet though... this has been my home for a year and I am so pumped for my apartment. I will fill everyone in on the roomies and the place but till then... adios.

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