Thursday, April 14, 2011


I just totally realized that I love food I love savoring tastes and the way that my taste buds tingle when I eat something scrumptious! For some reason I thought a lot about blogging this week and everything I thought about blogging about had to do with food or what I ate. I feel like a fatty! Or a "good" food addict!

Hi, my name is Kara.... ( monotone reply: hi Kara).... and I am addicted to good food.

For example, today I was eating dinner in the cannon center and we had these egg rolls filled with chicken, and I thought wow I should share with everyone how greasy and unhealthy these things are, I also had the small round ball like thing which looked like corn nuggets. Well come to find out it was not a corn nugget but a chicken thing filled with bacon and this cream stuff. I don't think it was healthy either but it was really good. Okay lets be honest.... the cannon center is not healthy at all, they pour like over a pound of butter in everything because they know everyone walks everywhere... but that does not mean we need the carbs.... thanks but no thanks. They also have tamale's and they were really bland and not my favorite... the tamale's in Texas are so much better.

Thats one thing I have learned about eating food here, some people think that certain types of food are really gross, and my thought is how can you think that? But in regards to the tamales and curry at the cannon.... I know why they do not like those certain types of foods.... they ARE really gross. Like how can someone make food that tastes like that... its like a death sentence. I can honestly say that I was spoiled by my parents cooking... my mom and my dad are like the best cooks ever. (You can say yours are but... I guess I may be biased)

So confession... I hatED chocolate.... and now I can tolerate it. For some reason I have been craving Oreos, peanut butter m&m's, Milano cookies, Oreo truffles.... and when I went to the Cheesecake factory with Kasey and some of his family, I wanted the Godiva chocolate cheesecake. weird. I am freaked out at just the thought of it. Honestly the thought of chocolate used to make me want to hurl. I still do not like it and if someone gave me chocolate I would not eat it but goodness what has been my deal lately.

On a side note, Kaelen and Rochelle were really nice and funny and there kids are so darn cute. There son Max played dinosaurs with me during dinner and made a really good interpretation of a dinosaur. I miss kids, especially my little sister... I cannot believe she is already 8! That is crazy! But we had a good time at dinner :)

Back to food. Me and the rest of my relief society presidency decided to compile together a cookbook (such a relief society thing to do) and we added and edge for everyone to be creative with. So everyone contributed a recipe and there testimony or a memory it was cool. Anyways we mod pogged cardboard pieces and decorated them with cute paper and it might have been fairly quick to decorate and such but it took Katie and I forever to cut the cardboard and recipes and to hole punch everything. Around 4 hours to be exact! But they turned out super cute and I decorated mine with a bird decal I drew... I don't know why but I love it, and bird decals??? I know I am a weirdo its just a temporary fetish. But it looks like this:

Thats all for now :)

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