Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cool Whip

Have you ever tried cool whip frozen? Well I ate it like ice cream and I do not know why but it was delicious! But I am super hyper now and as Willow Smith says... " I whip my hair back and forth" I am so hyper! 

But if you have a chance you should try cool whip or give it to your children and see what they do.
BTW Garyn Kasey and I had dinner tonight at Pei Wei and it was good chatting with Garyn and briefly meeting Kaelen. Kasey has a cool family, I like them!


  1. Kasey does have a cool family. :). We think you are cool too though so it all evens out! Also, I had the baby this morning! We texts kasey but in case he didn't get it maybe you could tell him?