Thursday, April 7, 2011

To do.

One thing I love to do is make lists, just for fun. Most of the time these lists stay in my head, other times they do not. The best thing though, is making a to do list for the week and slowly checking off each item knowing you're getting that much closer to the weekend. The weekend to me is just a short breather away from the sometimes tedious to dos. Humorous lists that I have made with Lizzie and Arianne include a list of turn offs in guys, a quote list, things to do before we graduate, and things of the sort here and there. Just to share, some of the funny quotes we have encountered include but are not limited to:

"studying is the gateway date just like weed is the gateway drug"
"person one: I really like Victoria's secret. person two: yeah I can tell"
"well i'll be okay because the harry potter fell faster"
"I dreamed you were a stripper"
"he said haha, lol"
"she is a really good girl, she only has one pair of earrings"
"who cares if his dad just died karma is a b*"
"I know this lady who takes really good dog pictures"

Oh the funnies of a college student. There are good stories behind every quote too and I just love being reminded of the small and simple things in life that are enjoyable.

My list of things to do before I graduate or just my bucket list in general is pretty long but I have done most of the things that I thought were long shots, and would not happen until the end of probably never and one of those things happens to be going to Vegas with some girlfriends. That was quite the experience let me tell you. There were times when I thought I was going to get raped especially at our ghetto hotel!
Lately I have been trying to not look so far ahead but have been trying to take things as they come. As much as looking to the future is a good thing and planning ahead, one thing I have learned these past couple of weeks is to take things as they come. For example, I did not get into the program I was hoping to get into. This is the first time I have been shot down without a backup plan. So my plans ahead in my life have been a little skewed but I am not going to let this setback get me down. Sometimes things are going to happen in out lives and we cannot predict them and sometimes we do not wish for them to happen. But the great thing is there are always other options and we can continue to go forward in our lives and be positive. Like my mom said, sometimes things happen not because what we are doing is not right for us, but it might not be the right time, and God does have a plan for us. I especially like the quote I read too which said something along the lines of God shapes us the be the person he wants us to be and we have to have faith in him.
So a list looking ahead to things I would like to do over the summer include but are not limited to:

- not being afraid to touch the big nasty fish I catch, I want to graduate from my granddaddy's help.
-floating down Provo river
-wake boarding longer than 3 min. ( need the muscle endurance)
-making curtains for my new apartment ( after I take the much wanted sewing class)
-moving into my new apartment :)
-going to wheeler farm, like when I used to with my daddio as a little girl
-hiking mount timp. and finding the secret waterfalls I have heard about
-hiking donut falls
-going on a picnic in the canyon
-going on a camping trip and surviving
-surviving the summer without cutting all of my hair off
-making an A in Am. Htg.
-going to the planetarium on campus and in Salt Lake
-visiting the Beehive house
-going to the pioneer museum
-going to the Salt Lake temple and visit temple square again
-finding 5 relatives names in geneology to bring to the temple
-going mountain biking
-getting my first passport (maybe to visit Canada??? never been outside of the state lines)
-go to seven peaks and maybe lagoon
-ice block maybe?
-ride the heber creeper maybe...
-go on the Alpine slides, and go to the zip line too
-visit festivals in the area
-participate in the largest water balloon fight

the list can go on but thats a start and maybe not everything on that list will happen between now and next fall, but how awesome would it be if I did check everything off of that list?
Any ideas of fun things to do in Provo in the summer that are not mentioned above?
I love the summer I love the warmth and that is why I moved to Utah, for the beautiful summers. I am not however used to it being this cold in April.... but I am living so I have no reason to complain.

Making lists can be fun... I think the most gratifying part is checking things off of the list.


  1. I really like the visit Canada one. You should definitely do that one. :)

  2. those are such fun ideas...i can help you complete them if you'd like :) lol. Karli is right, visiting Canada is a good idea!