Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish.

So today was a green day. First reason it was a green day, is because I was all a go and busy.... yet none the less full of smiles and happiness! Not to add that it was Saint Patricks day and I remembered to wear my shirt with a leprechaun on it and the words, "IRISH I was a little bit taller". I had so many people laughing at my shirt today and it made me feel glad that I could put a smile on people's faces by wearing a shirt.... I mean whatever floats your boat people!!! But if you did not know, my favorite colors are pink (if you saw my room you would say this is a true testament!) and of course GREEN! So I loved seeing green everywhere it just made me happy inside! BUT...
Weird things that went on today included Green food... normally I would suspect my food to be poisoned but knowing it was probably just dye I took my chances and ate it, my inside will probably be green for a while though... gross. This is a glimpse of what breakfast looked like...

They even had green eggs and Ham as well as green omlets.

So lets not forget that it was also my friend Josh's birthday... he turned 22 and for all the single ladies out there he is single and ready to mingle! But Ari Lizzie and I decided to fulfill our birthday tradition, and make him some pazooki and share it with all of his roommates. 
Poor Josh, and Kasey were stuffed and had so many sweets already... 
So Kasey did not join us, oh well more Pazooki for us!
Can I just say that I love warm messes of sweetness with Ice cream?!
I probably will not enjoy Pazooki for a while especially because last night while cooking spaghetti in the basement Ari Lizzie and I had a guilty pleasure... it looked like this...

There was some chocolate ice cream from the dessert party our ward held a few days earlier and our friend Missy was kind enough to share her delightful brownies filled with chocolate and carmel. So me loving warm gooey sweetness with ice cream threw my brownie into the ice cream and started to chow down! How sanitary! I am so proud of myself though because I used to be the biggest germaphobe and now I do not care as much! But it was yummy :)

These gals are the best a girl could ask for!

We decided we would put on the carton of ice cream for jokes and giggles, " Do not eat this Ice cream, we double dipped and have mono". But we really do not have mono. ha

I felt bad that Kasey did not join us for Pazooki, but I felt even worse for him because of the crap he got when he went to Tucano's tonight...
(BTW Pazooki is cookie dough smashed into one big cookie cooked til the top is a light brown and the middle is a tad gooshy, and you put ice cream on it right after taking it out of the oven, and you eat it "like a wild boar" as my roomy Muzna would say)
But poor poor Kasey... he was hit on by a waiter, not a waitress but a waiter and more went along with that.... but I will not spoil his story for him and I will save his embarrassment he is going to die on the inside when he finds out this is on my blog. Too late I am sorry! 

Happy St. Patrick's day though!


  1. I've always thought Kasey gave off that impression :) Sounds like a great day, IRISH I was a little taller as well :)

  2. Awesome St.Patrick's Day! And about Kasey.... hmmmm.... going to have to ask him about that one. :)