Sunday, June 5, 2011


So lately, more now than ever, I have been relying on other people to take pictures for me or I take them with my pitiful phone camera... Tragic story is that after flying back from Texas and uploading my pictures... my camera started to add weird lines in ALL of my pictures. Like this one of my stepsister and I..... they all look the same...

 So does anybody have good camera suggestions?

I have not been up to date with my blog but there is good reason. The majority of what has happened this week has had to do with something that I cannot expound on till the event of it happening. But anyways, Kasey has this superstition with the Canucks hockey team, and every time there is a game I HAVE to watch it because the times that I have not watched it, they have lost. But every time that I have watched, they have come to a victory.... once was even within the last 18 seconds. CRAZY. ITs fun to watch at the end but I could really care less at the beginning.

I found this cool picture on a link and I think I laughed for a good while. Especially because of all the dumb guys at BYU who decide to grow a mustache to show their "rebellious side" I mean all those guys do its look silly and girls I know aren't attracted to them. It is the mustache scale.

But just a thought from a guy on my Vegas trip with Kathryn...
This guy made me laugh and the next person I saw with a cardboard sign made me cry, I made her cry too. Maybe more on that for another day.

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