Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy birthday!

So today was my moms birthday, and yesterday was Kasey's birthday... and there were many other birthdays that happened, well, within the past few days. But it was such a pain to get all the preparations in for Kasey's (poo bah bear's) (he accidentally told me his embarrassing nickname... yes) birthday and I really did not think that the whole shindig would work out. Because I am exhausted from the whole process here it is very condensed. So on Kasey's birthday I had to first go to class. I wanted to make sure that I did not forget to do anything and so I kept writing lists for myself. In my second class I even drew a cake and balloons because I was thinking about the cupcakes I had to make and the balloons I needed to blow up. Funny thing is, the guy sitting next to me thought it was my birthday, and thats why I drew the cake, so he used it to try and get me to go on a date with him... didn't work so well for him. But I got back, made the cupcakes, frantically semi-cleaned my apartment, did the dishes, made chocolate covered strawberries, went to the store and got everything all set up within 2 hours!

So then the next part was surprising Kase at his apartment with dinner. My dad always makes this really good pasta dish, especially on fast sundays and birthdays, so I decided that I would give it a shot! But I did not find Cayenne pepper... poop... and so I used another red pepper in the recipe which worked, but it just was not the same. Anyways it turned out pretty good.

Then the tricky part was getting him to my apartment for the surprise party. Pain in the butt. How was I supposed to get his away from the Canucks game? Well I told him that I had made reservations and that I forgot the number at my place and we needed to run back and pick it up.... I played it off so well and he did not even suspect it till his roommate Jeff left and said "hey ima go hang with some friends"Kasey told me later I knew something was up because Jeff has no friends... haha. But he was still somewhat surprised.
The only picture I got the whole day though was of Garyn and James, because James was prego...

Kasey knew that something was up but he did not expect a few of his mission buddies to be there. Boy was he excited to see them! He had a blast and Garyn and Jill as well as James and the mission buds were a HUGE surprise to him and he went on and on on how he was so glad they were there. All the food was gone too!

But the one thing that didn't work out was his gift coming in the mail.. it came a day late. I was so excited about it... but then I thought it was lame. Yet again, I still think its cool. So I got Kase this Rugby Polo from Ralph Lauren.

He LOVES rugby... and its really cool because the guty on the shirt is a little rugby guy kicking the rugby ball, AND  Kc underneath just to be legit. 

I got the right size and everything... too bad Kasey doesn't know the difference between Ralph Lauren and Walmart... I didn't think too much about that beforehand. This next picture I have of him looks a little gay, and he needs a haircut. He said Mel would kill him if he knew his hair was that long.

He makes  me laugh though and he had a great birthday crazy that he is 22.

But also happy Birthday to my mommy, I miss her lots... she rocks! She knows it too...

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