Friday, July 13, 2012


Soo, the other day Kasey was like... Kara I need to shave. /he had grown quite a beard...
because curious as I am... I asked him to leave a mustache and I may have just regretted even suggesting that...

Now as for judgement on this... please leave your comment because I may get a kick out of hearing them... my mom said he looked like enigo montoya... hahahha

To expound on the mustache dilemma... here is a convenient mustache chart... love it!

Kasey is special to me and he recently had a birthday... recent as in last month!
So I really tried to surprise him but I did not want to throw a surprise party as I had the year before. He also did not know what to expect but he was expecting something and I feel bad that he was a little disappointed (as he should of been) for events that happened out of our control.
So basically I snuck in some helium balloons hoping to have him come home to them with sweet notes each explaining reasons that I love him.
When I got home however... the "new" tenant living in our basement was smoking... and I swell up when I am around smoke because I am allergic... no bueno. 
Needless to say, when I got home our "new" neighbor became "old" and our landlord had kicked her out so the surprise with notes didn't happen :(

I also made my very first pie... and it was SOOO delicious it didn't stay long because our mouth gobbled it up so fast.
The rest of the night is welll interesting and was not too good either... basically a very nice friend came over till 1 AM and we were tired and worn out...... but the pie was so good.

So to end this post I have a picture that is what it is... and its real I took it and laughed in a somewhat disturbed manner
I have lots more to catch up on but till thenn there is tomorrow!

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  1. Love the first stache... Jill and I saw the second one and we both think you look like a serial killer. :)