Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So only a few weekends ago, Kase and I went to Moab with Garyn and Jill.
We had planned on staying two nights but sadly the wind was so horrible, and we were so miserable we all just went home early. Regardless, we had a fabulous time and lots of good experiences.

 This was like one of the coolest arches we hiked up to look at. We took our hike a little farther and because it was so windy we turned around.
The wind was HORRIBLE and we all had a layer of dust and dirt layered on. and the wind was so fast it felt like a thousand needles being stabbed at once... no fun at all. We were actually afraid the wind would blow us over the cliffs when we walked across them.

Boys will be boys.

This picture you can see a little bit of the red dust in the background.

So Snakes... I hate snakes and this one here was like 6 feet and cool looking but it still did not put me at ease...

Besides the relentless tent blowing, the wind and overturned tent and all the sand, it was a pretty fun trip with some really awesome people!

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  1. Love Moab! We will have to go back together when we move, only NO snakes for me!!!!