Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nope, not pregnant

Please excuse the title, but for some reason I have had a lot of people as me if I was pregnant lately... and first off, am I really getting that much heavier? because I have been running almost everyday and working my tail end off to get back into shape, and second... when does making a blanket mean I am pregnant?
So the lady I visit teach is having a sweet little girl soon and I don't think she has gotten to know people in our ward so I decided to make her a baby blanket.

The whole process was sort of fun for me but mainly that is because I had time to myself to enjoy the fabric store. Plus I found the exact amount of fabric I needed in the leftover stack so the soft stuff was half off! This is huge... no joke especially for 20 dollar fabric.

Here is the finished project ...

I thought it was snuggly, I hope she does... plus it was an excuse to use my sewing machine which is always a plus for me... I like sewing.
Voila... all done.
BTW she loved it and so did her husband... he liked that one side was blue, and she liked the pink and said its the one pink thing she will have since her husband refuses to have pink anywhere in his house but he did say that this was an exception!
See so its not me who is pregnant but a friend ... gosh but seriously, if I have gained that much weight please kindly tell me... however I don't think I have!


  1. The blanket is adorable! And think of the blanket making experience you have now... better for when you ARE pregnant one day. :)

  2. 1-You aren't getting heavy. Believe me. 2-No one should ever assume that a young lady (or anyone for that matter) is preggers. 3-ADORABLE! I need you to teach me your crafty ways. I know blankets are supposed to be easy's me here. You're so talented. I'm so happy I'm getting a cousin like you because you are AMAZING!!!!

  3. Absolutely adorable!! I love it!

  4. That is so funny... you do not look heavy! Who is clueless enough to say that! Rude.
    The blanket is darling. Bravo!