Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Somebody is gettin married!

So a while back me and my mister went on a double date with Niel and Caitlin. On our fun outing with our cousin/friends we went and had a scavenger hunt at Cabela's, or as Kasey's dad refers to it, the Lehi temple.
Our scavenger list included crazy things such as an obscured colored gun

And even a Squirrel

WE went and looked at the mini aquarium filled with tons of fish that can be found in the lakes in Utah, and this one fish WOULD NOT stop following Caitlin around, it was so funny because it kept staring at her.

We also had a little bit of fun with one of the mannequins who obviously was supposed to be holding something... so my arm it was, that way it could look at my ring!

We had a BLAST with these two, but more importantly...
Niel is Kasey's cousin and we are so excited for him and his fiance Caitlin... it is official.
Kasey also made Chorizo? last week, and some sauce called Ahi...
He was super stoked and it was pretty cute. I was just glad that I was not the one cooking.
And yes... that is cilantro in his teeth.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I am so excited to be your cousin!! YAY!!!

  2. Congrats to Caitlin and Neil. Awesome! And Kasey... brush your teeth. :)