Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer happenings

This summer has been crazy busy and so many things have been happening on top of school and work. We have enjoyed ourselves though and here is to catching up on the recent happenings.

Garyn and Jill got a new puppy and his name is Pudge.Their last day in Utah we celebrated the fourth of July, by eating red white and blue pancakes, watching the parade, and having a fun afternoon at the park eating barbeque and playing baseball. While we were at the barbeque, Pudge kept getting his head stuck in the red solo cup. It was so cute and funny... Pudge also made Kasey consistently remind me how much he wanted a dog. One day Kasey we will have a dog...

We celebrated that night with snowcones and fireworks.

It was so much fun and hokulia is now my favorite snowcone place ever... but its a bummer that it is always so incredibly busy.
The snowcones are so huge, and I am not exaggerating when I say that they are the size of my head. My favorite flavors have to be the lemonade and dreamsicle... and its nice to have ice cream in there every once in a while too.

I took my incredibly awesome friend Katri and her daughter Kenzie to get a snowcone and I think they liked it too.
I enjoyed spending time with the Koehle's and I am so glad I may have a few more chances this summer to see them again!

A few weddings have occurred recently including my friends Brittany, Katie, and Corinne, as well as Kasey's friends Marc and Andrew and his cousin Niels. We were so glad to be able to be a part of the sealing ceremony and celebrations in Manti with Kasey's family and it was a beautiful and perfect day.

I was also able to snag this beautiful photo of the temple

On a side note... my brother will come to visit this week, so more on that soon :)


  1. I love it! Neil and I were so happy you guys could be there to celebrate with us. AND that pic of the temple is simply fantastic!

  2. Congratulations to Caitlin and Neil. Also, those snow cones look exactly like the shave ice here in Hawaii... love it!

  3. Kenzie and I LOVED those snow cones! Amazing!
    Totally hear you about getting a dog. We want one too, but so much responsibility. That little pup looked so cute.
    Love ya!
    My parents were married in the Manti Temple. I have always wanted to go there. Great pict.