Monday, July 18, 2011

Saint George.

So the past month has been extremely busy and a load of fun! During the beginning of June I went to Saint George, Utah with Kasey, Jessica, James, Garyn, and last but not least Jill. We had a ton of fun and it was nice to go swim and lay out in the heat! We played bananagrahms and swam and played tennis.... I hope we have the chance to go back and visit again soon!  

(the above photos Jill took from the trip and I stole them from her blog)
We played tennis and Jessica and I chased a two tailed lizard and tried to hit either James or Garyn below with a tennis ball that we retrieved.
We also went shopping and it was a load of fun! I think we all left with something but thank goodness none of the guys bought these pants from downeast... they looked like girls pants! I had to take a picture just because I thought they were so ridiculous!

We also got some really tasty custard and I tried to take decent pictures but at least one person was goofing off in each picture... its super funny anyways and we were having and sharing a lot of laughs... the boys had WAY too much fun with the Anthony Weiner jokes though... us girls got annoyed.

We all look tired and pretty ridiculous. I had just finished finals and the rest of the week I packed ... I had planned on bloggin in canada but Kasey's parents house did not have wifi... but I am back and pictures of Canada and Kasey and my adventures in Texas will come very soon!

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