Friday, July 29, 2011

OH Canada! part three.

Here are some more pictures from Banff and the drive up to Vanderhoof to visit Kasey's family.

These were some smaller glaciers up in the mountains, Kasey was saying something to me but he was so tired it didn't even make any sense.

Another glacier, there was this Asian guy who was freaking out when I stopped to take this picture, because of a raven. I guess he had never seen a bird that big before. It was actually really funny!

This spot reminded me a little bit of shiprock in Utah, and I thought it was pretty so I snapped a photo.

I could not get over how blue the water was, I think I asked Kasey if they put chemical in the water to make it look that way. He gave me a super weird look and asked me why anyone would ever put chemical in the water and said it was naturally that way. I had asked because the pond in front of my house looks this blue when they put chemicals in it making it look that way! I just had to ask!!!

We had some lady take this picture for us and it doesn't look that great! But she did not look like she wanted to take out picture, and the other people around us could not speak english very well so we didn't want to ask her to take another picture for us.

Haha, this is where there was a HUGE hold up on the road and tourists were so excited to see the big horned sheep.... they were pretty cool looking but all I got was them super close to the animals taking photos.

This was the HUGE glacier we passed by and I thought it was so pretty and super super cool! after we passed this we were pretty much out of the park and so ready to be in Vanderhoof.

We made in to Vanderhoof at pretty good time and I believe we got there at 6. I was expecting the first thing that we were to do would be sleep since I barely had any within the last 48 hours, but the first thing we did was go to a wedding reception for Kasey's cousin Chandler and his new wife. I was so hungry by this point and I realized that all I had eaten the whole trip was the sandwich at my grandma's house in Utah, and an apple with peanut butter and some twizzlers. Kasey was like, well we will eat at the reception and there should be plenty of food. 
So when we got to the reception I was overwhelmed with so many people and friendly faces and it was saying hello to one person after the other. At that point I felt like it was a reception for me because everyone was crowding around Kasey and I saying hello and welcoming us and I think there was even a line.... so I kept trying to creep my way toward the food, and I think it was at least an hour before I got there even though it was 2 feet away.
By the time I got there, there were no chips or dip left and I think I was able to grab a few strawberries.... of course. So then I sat down with Kasey's family and met some of his siblings again, and met some of his nieces and nephews. It was just a meet everyone day! So at that point I was a little bit overwhelmed and they decided to do skits at the reception...
Kasey's cousin Eldon Kochel did a nacho libre skit with his shirt off... lets just say that I was scarred for life! It was just a different environment for me and at that point I felt like running for my life! I thought oh my goodness what have I gotten myself into... this place is redneck and not for me! ( it got better later and I loved it, but the first night was a lot for me to take in)
The next day I felt a lot better though because I met all of Kasey's family besides his brother Korlyn who is on a mission, and his sister Kara who lives in Washington, D.C. I had a ton of fun and learned this game called mad dash and I played outside and I just had a blast and at that moment I felt so comfortable with everyone and I felt like I knew them forever and that I just fit right in.... it was awesome!

Plus there is Kasey and he is just so handsome to me! and he kinda rocks!


  1. Hahaha! I am soooo not surprised you felt overwhelmed that first night here. To be fair, we are kinda redneck, but the whold Nachol Libre thing was crazy and weird for everyone so don't fell bad about that. :)

  2. How fun! Wish we could have been there

  3. Ummm, I promise not to do any skit - especially Nacho Libre at any reception you are involved in :)