Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Canada! part one.

So after Kasey finished his finals and got awesome A's... him and I were off to Canada! We drove from Provo all the way up to Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CANADA... in a period of what ended up being 26 hours!
Before we left we went to see my grandparents in Sandy, Utah and I promised Kasey that we would only stay for 15-30 minutes. My grandma is awesome though and she made us sandwiches before we left and her, my Aunt and my Grandpa all talked with us for 2 hours before we actually could get going. It was really important though that I go to visit my grandparents because my grandpa is not in the best health condition. Kasey being very very patient was okay that we added an extra two hours to our trip because well... he was with me! So he drove for about 5 hours and then I drove through the night for like 6 hours and it got to a point where I was so tired I had to bounce in the seat to stay somewhat conscience! So I kept praying and praying that a napping stop would come up and sure enough one came up.... I was so happy to take a stop for a nap! Kasey had not slept the entire time that I was driving... he was a little scared because I was flying down the roads in Montana! But we tried taking a two hour nap and I think the entire time I lay balled up in that front seat... I only got thirty minutes. But I did get to zone out at the beautiful stars... I had never seen so many stars out! Kasey thought it was funny how enthralled I was by the stars!
Once we got started again, we made it to the border really early in the morning and there was not much light out but I got a gorgeous picture of the sunrise! Well actually several gorgeous pictures!

Kase was super excited and he kept talking about how GREAT Vanderhoof was... at that point I was like, whatever.

This picture kinda reminds me of what Ireland would look like.

But Kase and I then went through Banff national park, and oh my goodness, it is the most GORGEOUS place I have ever been to and the pictures do not do their justice! 
This was the first time I ever stepped on foreign soil!

Beginning of Banff:

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

More pictures of Banff and some of the rest of my trip to come!


  1. Oooooh! I can't wait! Did playing games late into the night get it's own post?!?! Haha!

  2. yes that will be in another one of my posts! I don't have pictures from it though :(