Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh Canada! part two...

So I could not get enough of the scenery in Banff... the rivers, waterfalls, asian tourists and the mountains! It was just gorgeous! So at this point of the trip, Kasey and I were just so exhausted. We sang  backstreet boys, Coldplay, Maroon 5, and many other songs to try and keep ourselves going. There was a point when I was driving, and I woke Kasey up because I was dancing to the music in the drivers seat and he was worried I was having a seizure or something. There was also a point when Kasey was driving, and I was napping, and I woke up because he was belting out country songs and he was singing them with a lot of twain and even while I was asleep it was driving me crazy! Banff had a lot of pictures so that is mainly what this post is about... and remember that the pictures do not do their justice!

This bruise is pretty cool, it was worse before but I had to remember it. I got it from helping out my friend Katri and her husband Kurt. We were clearing out a home they were renovating in Utah, and we did lots of stuff. We bailed hay out of the windows, cleaned up stuff and we had to wear masks the entire time! My whole face was a tint of gray from all the dust by the end of it. But I believe I got this bruise by slamming my arm on a rusty nail on the window frame I was trying to break in order to bail the hay out. There was so much of it and it got to a pint where I hit a pitchfork on a dresser. We found burrows and droppings and all that stuff, and once I found the dresser, I found a creature too! It scared the poop out of me and I called it quits! 
So that is how I really got the bruise, but I told Kasey's whole family that he had given it to me, they knew it was not true, but because they are awesome they played along! :)
More coming on Canada....

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