Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So I was looking through my photos and I found some funny photos

Lukey is so funny and cute and one of my many cute nephews. I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world!
I laugh at this one because it loks like Jessica is checking out McCall's booty... what a pedophile! Just kidding, she is not a pedophile.
Poor McCall is crying in this picture, and I wish I had the photo with all the little ones crying only because its so cute not funny that they are crying... anyways I don't have that picture yet so this will just have to suffice.
This one is just odd... human bar lifting. haha
This one is my favorite, it is some of my favorite people and the funniest part is hat we are all laughing at literally nothing... but it is funny!


  1. What the crap is wrong with Jana? And Mom, nice look. We are funny awesome people, welcome to the crazy bunch Kara!

  2. We never really need a reason to laugh! We just have to look at each other and BAM! Laughter! :) Also, Luke thinks he has to post like this in most photos so I don't actually have any good ones of him! :(

  3. Also, the men in that photo are much better looking when they laugh than the women... just sayin'. :)