Thursday, February 16, 2012

All the times day

So my sister used to call valentines day "all the times day", and I thought the title was appropriate
1. Because Valentines day was two days ago
2. and because this post expresses what we fools have been up to lately

So if it was not already noted...

No one believe that I would do it... especially those in my family who have known me forever. So far I have liked it until I woke up looking like shirley temple... then I didn't like it so much! I already have gotten over it...

I also used an idea from Pinterest (love pinterest) and made beautiful heart shaped cupcakes for Kasey and some friends.

Whoops.. it is sideways. and sorry for all the pics of myself.. I don't have kids!

Our kitchen has been smelling scrumptious and I made crepes for the first time... and it took a while to figure out how to get them to not stick to the pan!
This past week Kasey also knew I was having a rough time... these past two weeks have been awful for me and I have literally only been home to sleep and nothing else! But Kasey was so so sweet and the next morning he got up really early and made me breakfast in bed! Just for the record (and Kasey when you read this don't be offended) Kasey is not the best cook... but he made some really good waffle for me, like really good and he served them to me all fancy like so I had a wonderful breakfast in bed. 

We also had the WONDERFUL James and Jessica come over for Fondue... if you were not there you missed out. The Hickson's from my hometown gave us a fondue pot and I am pretty sure we love it.

Surprisingly the angel food cake, strawberries and pretzels were not the favorite... but the bananas and oreos?!

ALL of us were messy, not just James

We had SO uch fun. We love you James and Jessica! Thanks for coming over :)

I happened to also make some delicious enchiladas and guacamole. I was not going to post about this but there is kind of a funny story. So I started to make diner as soon as I got home and on this particular day Kasey came home for an hour and a half before he had to return to class. So dinner was not ready in time for him to eat before he left sadly so as soon as dinner was finished I ate and realized if I put the dish in for a little longer the cheese inside would melt better. Well I forgot about it for 2 hours and most of it was burnt black. Kasey still like the redeemable remnants of it but it was so much better when it was not burnt. So here is my beautiful tex-mex dinner before I ruined it.

So I better actually post about something that happened on Valentines day so here it goes:
My expectations were not super high because first I had to leave at 7 that morning and I knew Kasey had class so I was not going to see him until 10 at night. So when I got home, I actually was surprised to find a trail of rose petals leading me to a small bouquet of my fav hot pink roses and some candy. I then proceded to try and hand out visiting teaching assignments by walking to each individuals house who had not received theirs, and dropping it off. (Do not have a car) So after four houses of disappointment... I decided I will only give them out on Sunday because I have about 45 assignments and 4 took an hour to hand out and some people deliberately ignored me and others said I cannot do it. Sorry to rant on and on about it, if they can't do it they can't but lets just say that I was pretty down trodden and kinda upset about it.
So I made cupcakes for Kasey as said before, and then gave some to a wonderful family in our ward with the cutest little kids ever. Yeah I think they pretty much might be out friends. They make me wish that I had my own kid... but then again, not really.
So Kasey came home and I was so confused, then he proceeded to tell me he had NO class... so life was good and we went to dinner watched UP and had some yum yum frozen yogurt. 
We also hung out with another couple in our ward and we had so much fun... we are sad though because they are moving away! Bummer!

So all is well here with the Gulbranson's and even though things are tough we are still having a splendid time! I even am so lucky because I have the darn cutest bracelet made by my darling niece Emma. What could be better than that? Oh I know... looking more mature with my new haircut, that way I don't get a kids stamp like my nieces and nephews at the pool....

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  1. I think your hair looks great and I would love to see it curly too! And you and Kasey are so sweet to each other. I love it! :)