Monday, November 28, 2011

A brief catch up!

So with my wedding in 3 weeks, and my new job and finals coming up with school I have had little to no time. But today when taking out the trash, my roommate Lizzie threw away not only our trash but our entire trash can. So I decided I needed to blog about it and might as well catch up some.

So Lizzie went dumpster diving...

The photos are really blurry because for one, I took them on my phone and second, I was laughing so hard I could not hold my phone steady.

Kasey and I are renting a house ( more on this soon )

I got a job ... ( no picture... thank goodness because no one can be fabulous in my uniform.)

Had a random man in a sombrero give me a rose at the Wilk with a million other people there...

Went to Squa Peak with Megan and Chris to roast hot dogs... and it is beautiful.

And my Dad is Moving to Utah!!!

so my Dad and April were visiting and April wanted to take a picture of her "son and daughter" and my dad decided to be silly. She took a photo of us first and then my dad stepped in and we talked about those people that ruin photos by being in the background and smiling at the camera and how funny it was.... so we had to have one of those photos for ourselves.

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  1. Ah... so it was posed. Nice. :) Can't wait to see you two! And by the way...everyone up here loves the announcements! :)