Sunday, October 9, 2011

The future Mrs. Gulbranson

So I have not posted on here in forever but there is very good reason for that. So for those of you who are unaware Kasey proposed to me and I said yes! So I actually had been planning on the proposal for quite awhile and I knew it was coming any day and not being able to stand secrets being kept from me, so by using process of elimination I figured out on my own when I was going to be proposed to. I am bummed that I could not control myself to figure out the secret but I guess that is life.

So here is how the proposal happened...

So because I knew what was happening so I could not help but be anxiously waiting for a cue or anything indicating that Kasey was about to propose. So as I was sitting antsy on the couch chatting it up with my roommates when my roommate Arianne got a text after which she turned to me and asked me to get her laundry (If I had not known that something was up I would  probably have told her to get her own laundry) from wash hut. Arianne was not doing her laundry so I knew that something was up. So I made my way over to wash hut where I saw Kasey's car parked and a rose and a note on top of the hood. I read the note which started a man with brown eyes has a special surprise for you and this was referring to a fortune I got in a fortune cookie when we went to lunch up in Canada this summer. But as I read on the note instructed me to take his car and follow the different notes to different areas that had a significance in our relationship, so the first place I drove myself to was Glenwood apartments. There I was greeted by our friend Josh C. who was holding a rose and a note and he had a huge grin on his face! In the note Kasey wrote about how it was where we had first met and first held hands and all that jazz and just said some really sweet stuff, all of his notes said some sweet stuff. Then I was directed to make my way to Trafalga in Orem (I got so lost on my way there it ended up taking me an hour just to get through traffic and through my direction mistakes) where I met my cousin rachel (She was giggling so much and kept taking pictures) who also had a big grin as well as a rose and a note. The note talked about our first date mini golfing and all cute stuff like that! I was then directed to go to Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls and there I met my friend Arianne who shockingly had a rose and a note. Hinckley hall is where Kasey and I had our first kiss, and its also where I used to live. Then I made my way to the Provo Temple where I met my other friend Lizzie who carried a rose and a note recalling that this was where Kasey told me that he first loved me. My friends and I talked for a bit and talked me through my nerves because I was just so anxious and excited but nervous at the same time. So after we all left I made my way to my final destination which was Y mount. So I am so lucky that I found out how to get to Y mount and once I got there I found Kasey standing in the parking lot ( He had NO IDEA that I was coming and was expecting my roommate Lizzie to inform him that I was on my way... but she forgot so needless to say he was a little shocked when I arrived)so first I locked him out of the car..... and eventually I got out and he handed me a note with one line.....

It read... This is where I asked you to be my first and only girlfriend. He asked what it said and I responded this is where you asked me to be your girlfriend? then he said no. This is where I asked you to be my first and only girlfriend, and this is where I am also going to ask you to be my first and only wife. Then he got down on one knee and said Kara will you marry me.... 

Well I said YES, as I uncontrollably started to cry (I was so super happy and I still am)and he laughed and asked why I was crying where I choked up an I don't know. and the rest is history.....

Garyn and Jill were really sweet and took us out for dessert at the Chocolate after we finished our dinner at Texas roadhouse, it was a good day.



  1. That is SO cute. I am so happy for you ;)

  2. I pretty much teared up when I read this. My baby brother is awesome and picked the most awesome girl. :)

  3. Cute story! And I especially like that he first asked you to be his first and only girlfriend. Adorable.