Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh Canada... wrapped up.

The whole gang!

Goofy faces.. I didn't get the memo!

Yay for normal faces!

Caleb was okay with his picture being taken, McKay was not!

Love Tiffany :) She goes on her mission next week!
So there is way too much to write about Canada and quite honestly I have done a lot of other thing recently. But one fun thing that Kasey and I did was go to the YSA activity at his relatives house, the Kochel's. It was awesome getting to know everyone and it was a way different experience.... but I loved playing never have I ever, and what if... then. Oh and I cannot forget skeet shooting!

Kasey and I also went and visited the hoodoos as so they are called! and they are pretty much these clay formations and they were super cool looking... plus the view is beautiful! We saw lots of names carved so we decided to add our names to the bunch!

 creeper face!
 I feel like I deserve a reward for this picture!

oh yea, we went fishing too! LOVE fishing :) and I can say that I have almost completely conquered my fear of touching slimy fish! Did it not only in Canada but in Texas too!

Thats all for now :) Oh and after my trip to Canada Kasey came with me to Texas and visited my family and we went to Dallas and Fort Worth and we also toured the Cowboys stadium... rock on :)


  1. Love it! Honestly can't wait until you are up here again. :)

  2. Can I "like" your comment? And I cannot wait either :)