Saturday, December 22, 2012

One Year

It was just about a year ago that I married this handsome fella! And boy, am I happy I made the choice to be his forever, and have him as my forever. Some memories from that special day:
  • My grandpa screaming out "I blessed you to have 10 kids"
  • Kasey getting pulled over in the morning on our way to the temple
  • Arianne and Lizzie staying up and making breakfast with me
  • going to deseret book in between our luncheon and reception
  • loosing my locker key in the temple
    • marrying Kasey and just loving the way he looked at me, and he has yet to change that look
There were so many other great memories but those were just some of them.
I just look forward to the many years more to come :)
For our anniversary we went to Olive Garden with a gift card our landlord gave us... thank you Beth, and then we headed to temple square where Kasey was so kind as to buy me a carriage ride. A kid gave us a little dancing show of Gangam style on our way I laughed. We also stayed at anniversary inn, and enjoyed taking a break from work and school jazz.

So here is to Kasey:

So here is to you Kasey, Love you, and I love that we are together.

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