Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Truth Tuesday... again

So I decided that I would do yet another truth Tuesday:

1. Kasey does not know how to warm chocolate and burnt about 6 bucks of chocolate yesterday...
2. When redoing our kitchen table and chairs, I accidentally nicked a little spot and instead of painting that spot... waiting for it to dry and then putting the sealant over it I smudged it all together over the spot impatiently not allowing it to dry.
3. I ate chocolate yesterday... and for those who know me... this is a big deal since I don't like it all that much.
4. I may bs a paper on an upcoming test based upon discussion and not what I read... or was supposed to read.
5. I HATE when people post their problems with someone close to them on Facebook like "My mom is so mean to me" or when they try and get others to justify their argument out of context for example "don't you think that if someone (like we don't know who you are talking about) is married to you they should always do the dishes after making dinner"......... really people, PLEASE leave your arguments at HOME. By posting your problems I am embarrassed for you and feel more pity for the person you you are writing about who for the most part is an innocent bystander. Even though the argument seems "right" on your part.... most of the time it is out of context and completely rude and inconsiderate for all others involved, even if it was there fault this does not belong of Facebook. Thank you
6. Number 5 has been bothering me a lot lately.... especially when people agree with the post person and they put their "claim" out of context. This has not happened to me but I have heard and seen the conversations that have proceeded some of the comments made.
7. I bought a new dress :) oops.
8. I forgot to make dinner yesterday in time, so poor Kasey and I didnt have a chance to eat until midnight!
9. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be Kasey's wife!
10. Despite the struggles, and stress and hard times school has brought me... I am happy and I LOVE life!
11. I hope this post isn't too offending but more it lets off some steam... and if you have anything to add I would LOVE to hear it :)

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